For College Counselors:

How do I download and use TRS?
TRS can be downloaded from within a Google Sheet by finding the Add-ons menu item and navigating to:
Get add-ons > for TRS > Click on the first result and hit install.

TRS can also be downloaded directly from the Google Workspace Marketplace store here.

To open TRS, navigate to the following menu in a Google Sheet: Add-ons > Teacher Recommender System > Open TRS

Make sure to contact TRS at to be verified.

See the tutorial on the main page for how to use TRS.
How do I decide how many pairings students will make?
It's always best to be on the safe side (more pairs rather than less). Here are some suggestions:
Students in class # of pairs
~20 3
~60 4
~100 5
~200 6
~400 7
I'm getting an error saying "Unauthorized user: ~email~. Please contact TRS at". What do I do?
Just email and ask to be added to the verified user list.

More FAQ answers coming soon

Have a question not found here? Please contact TRS at one of the below addresses for any inquiries.